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Grief is the normal natural response to any significant emotional loss. While loss of a loved one is considered to be the most painful loss, divorce grief, retirement, financial and health issues can also be sources of significant grief. Too often grievers feel totally alone when dealing with grief and the conflicting emotions caused by loss.

Bereavement support groups or private counseling can ease the feelings of sadness, fear, anger, confusion, inability to concentrate and sleeplessness that are just some of the normal symptoms of dealing with grief.  Sometimes the aching pain caused by grief feels like it could continue forever.

Group grief counseling programs may be helpful for those individuals coping with grief.  Healing can occur when a safe place is provided for participants to support each other and accept and adjust to the reality of loss. 

Healing takes time and sometimes it also takes a helping hand.


Dealing with grief can be overwhelming. It's important to understand that grief is the normal, natural response to loss. Bereavement services such as support groups or individual grief counseling is available in New Jersey to provide assistance to those who have experienced the painful emotions caused by the loss of a loved one.

Divorce grief or grieving the end of a relationship represents a significant change in your life. It is the second most common loss. You may have difficulty saying goodbye. Many experience the same symptoms as those who have experienced the death of a loved one and therefore can also benefit from bereavement support groups or individual counseling to help them in their grieving.

Loss of a substance abuse can be a difficult road to travel. Grieving the loss of the protected armor which prevented feellings from surfacing can be devastating. Grief counseling, either in the form of a group or private counseling, can help you accept and adjust to your new reality.

There are many natural forms of loss that our society does not recognize as significant emotional losses and therefore you may feel you don't have the right to grieve. Loss of trust, loss of dreams, loss of security are just some of the devastating life experiences, other than the loss of a loved one, that can be extremely painful. In order to deal with your grief, process your feelings and recover, the services of a bereavement support group or speaking with a grief counselor is helpful.

In general, the loss of our health is not seen in our culture as a condition to be grieved for but In reality it is a frightening experience for most people. The fear of the unknown, the fear of change, the fear of adapting to a new way of life are all natural responses to loss but can become overwhelming. It is important to be able to communicate your fears with others. Bereavement support groups or individual grief counseling can help you express your fears and adjust to a new way of life.

We live in a materialistic society which often defines us by how much money we have, how big our home is, and so on. So when we have a financial loss of some kind we are faced with many issues. There is an inevitable adjustment to the new reality of life but it also is necessary to grieve the loss of the life you had. Bereavement support groups or individual grief counseling can help you adjust to the radical changes in your life.

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